Tips For Choosing The Right Makeup Mirror

A perfect makeup not only depends on the choice of cosmetics, but also depends on makeup techniques and personal evaluation of appearance. Even if there is an installed wall mirror, we still need a little make-up magnifying mirror. Let’s learn more about how to choose a good makeup mirror.

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The Historical Changes Of Garbage Bin

Garbage bin’s changes give significance to human society changes. From plastic bucket which was neither useful nor attractive became to the unique & convenient dustbin, from private barrel which just only for home use became to the public  garbage bin which can be seen everywhere in streets, from single barrel became to 2-compartments bin with recyclable & unrecyclable function divied. This little thing experienced decades of years and reflects the deepening of people’s awareness of environmental protection.

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travel coffee mugs

Perfect Travel Mug For Takeaway Coffee


DIY Coffee Mug

Photo Insert Travel Mugs

Nearly one billion people around the world is start the day with a cup or several cups of coffee, and the number is growing. Coffee is popular beverage next to water. Starbucks, Costa and many more coffee shop chains keep growing in China. But followed a problem with environment pollution caused by the takeaway cups can’t be neglected.

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Why Vacuum Flask is called “THERMOS”?

“THERMOS”, a word came from Greek meaning “heat”. In 1904, there are three Germans in Berlin manufactured the first one Vacuum Flask with glass inner wall in the world and named it “THERMOS”. compare hotels . They opened the new chapter of the history for the product industry and the product design. Even more, it was the leader in both print advertising history and product packaging history.

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