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Nearly one billion people around the world is start the day with a cup or several cups of coffee, and the number is growing. Coffee is popular beverage next to water. Starbucks, Costa and many more coffee shop chains keep growing in China. But followed a problem with environment pollution caused by the takeaway cups can’t be neglected.

An estimated 2.5 billion takeaway cups are thrown away each year in the UK, the research revealed. Ever the recycling logo has been printed on the disposable cups, but after research, more than half of the people surveyed who buy takeaway drinks admitted that they dispose of their paper cups in the general waste bin. So the best way to reduce your paper cups impact on the earth is simply to use less. At present, it is aiming to increase the number of drinks it serves in reusable cups, and also offers discount for customers bringing their own coffee mug or vacuum bottle. And this special offer has a good response.

We all should make a contribution to protecting our environment. From today, buy a cup of takeaway coffee with your own mug.

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DIY Travel Mugs – Design your own travel mug, made of double wall stainless steel with a thumb-slide lid.