The Historical Changes Of Garbage Bin

Garbage bin changes give significance to human society changes. From a plastic bucket which was neither useful nor attractive became the unique & convenient dustbin, from a private barrel which just only for home use became to the public garbage bin which can be seen everywhere in streets, from a single barrel became to 2-compartments bin with recyclable & unrecyclable function divided. This little thing has been experienced for decades and reflects the deepening of people’s awareness of environmental protection.

With people’s increased awareness of protecting the environment, in the middle of the 1990s, streets began to appear with another kind of trash bin – it is divided into 2-compartments for recyclable & unrecyclable rubbish marked with a different colour – that is people most frequently used classified recycling bin. With this classified bin, people needn’t spend a lot of time on waste classification anymore, and the recyclable trash function provides recycling use opportunities for valuable trash. It can reduce waste by making full use of all the recyclable resources. Nowadays, more and more people use recycling bins in their homes and offices to easily classify organic and plastic trash into different barrels.


classified recycling bin

Along with the development of an era, the classified trash bin is no longer for recyclable & unrecyclable garbage purposes only. As people in some cities, rows of colourful classified containers can be seen everywhere. These bins distinguish recyclable & unrecyclable garbage and detail classified for kitchen waste, hazardous waste, and other junk. Typically the bins are for plastic waste and biological waste. In addition, the classified trash bin itself has a great propaganda function. For example, they are setting up battery recycling bins to let people know the toxicity of waste batteries. From the biological waste bins, people recognize that leftover lettuce is a valuable organic fertilizer. We had to say the classified trash bin gives garbage the real sense of “return”.

An investigation named “Does a beautiful trash bin much easier to draw your attention to?” Research shows that if the bin has an exquisite appearance and unique shape, it will be more concerned and more likely to raise the probability of attracting people to put the trash into the bin. Perhaps designers have noticed above, All the garbage on the street has transformed into an artwork: People can always see different fonts and creative slogans on the mouth of the bin, and the colours are becoming more diverse, even the shapes, from the cylindrical body, become to animal and fruit shapes. All these distinctive, beautiful and unique art appliances seem to have become the highlights of the street decorations. These specific, beautiful, and amazing art appliances seem to have become the highlights of the street decorations.

To make trash bins more practical, designers have made efforts on construction besides their appearance. From the survey results, we can see that if trash bins are inconvenient to use, people will give up on dropping litter even though they are meant to do. The above proves that the designers’ ideas make sense to increase the usefulness of the trash bin does lead people, to a certain extent, more consciously to put litter into the waste bin. Therefore, it is not hard to understand the survey question “what style of trash bin you would prefer” there will be nearly 47% of people choose the automatic induction bin, and 38.33% of people choose an open-mouth trash bin. The remaining 12% of people select the foot pedal bin.

From the structure analysis, the user needs to step on the pedal every time due to the pedal bin. Therefore, it is inconvenient. And the open mouth bin, although without similar cumbersome devices, However, the single and small open mouth makes it difficult to put garbage accurately. In contrast, the sensor bin is much more convenient to use: People needn’t step on the pedal or bend down to lift the lid whenever rubbish is dropped. You only need to be closer to the automatic induction, and then it will automatically open its mouth to let garbage into the large cast barrel. You needn’t worry about whether waste could be dropped or not.

Changes from the trash bin allow us to see the deepening awareness of environmental protection and make people aware of their constant craving for a clean and comfortable living environment and high quality of life.

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