There are generally two shapes of garbage cans for indoor use – rectangular and cylindrical. Here are some suggestions on which form is more suitable for different scenes and environments:
A rectangular garbage can is usually placed directly against the wall or in a corner, which can save more space, especially suitable for the kitchen. The best position for the kitchen garbage can is placed next to the kitchen sink. When cleaning fruits and vegetables, it will be much more convenient to throw trash, and at the same time, it will not let water drop on the ground. Of course, the position of the kitchen garbage can is also changed, and you can place it according to your needs.

The kitchen is the place with the most considerable amount of garbage in the family and the most likely to produce flavour, mainly because you have to cook three meals a day here. Those vegetable roots and leaves or leftovers should be poured into garbage bags. If you can’t dump the garbage in time, all kinds of waste will be piled together for fermentation and mixing to produce a complex flavour.
If you want the kitchen to be clean and tidy, you can’t put garbage cans casually because there is much garbage in the kitchen. Improper placement of garbage cans quickly affects appearance, and it is inconvenient for people to use. So where should you put the garbage can in the kitchen? How should we do an excellent job of garbage storage in the kitchen?
Considering the small scope of the cooking area, many users put the garbage can under the cabinet or sink, which is beautiful and generous. And can also refuse the embarrassment of exposing the garbage can; This can not only better save the use area but also be very convenient to use. You can gently pull it out when you need it. Some rollout cabinets can put two or three garbage cans for garbage classification.
Here’s a warm reminder: the kitchen garbage can just be thrown away in time every day. Especially in summer, when the weather is too muggy, the kitchen garbage will emit a very unpleasant smell and breed small insects. It is better to place a rectangular stainless steel garbage can with a cover in the kitchen than a hidden garbage can to avoid forgetting to dispose of the garbage because it is invisible.
Put garbage cans at an appropriate height next to the cabinets and stove tops, and you can easily put garbage without bending over.
In addition, the cylindrical garbage can is also common to us. It has excellent stability and is convenient to put garbage. Moreover, the circular can has no edges and corners. The whole smooth and smooth surface is like a plane, which is easy to clean. It is more convenient to clean the inner can. For example, we can put a cylindrical garbage can in the bedroom and living room. For the open kitchen with a large area, a mobile cylinder trash bin is ideal for facilitating the change of location.